Radon Testing & Inspection

Radon is an invisible radioactive gas that can be found in homes all over the United States. It originates in uranium rich ground minerals and seeps up through the earth and into the atmosphere. If it becomes trapped in a home, it can be very dangerous to your family’s health. Any home can have a radon problem and the DFW area is not exempt from the dangers of Radon.

You can't see or smell radon, but it still may be in your home. Testing your home is the only way to find out your home's radon gas levels. The EPA recommends that all homes be tested for elevated radon levels. A radon test can be started with your home inspection and a written report provided by a certified independent lab within a few days.

Safeguard Your Family

At Anchor Inspection Group, our radon testing service will determine if your a property currently has elevated or dangerous radon levels

To learn more about radon gas and our testing service, please go to our radon gas information page. If you would like to schedule a radon test, please contact us at (972) 655-9601

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